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Last updated: October 18th 2016
Another fresh week and time for us to show off one more superb Lacey Duvalle video to you guys. And for this one the little busty ebony slut seems to have wanted more cock. Well she always wants cock, but this time she wanted even more than usual. And this time she managed to score herself two studs that would give her a nice and hard fucking today. So just sit back and watch this superb Lacey dp session today as you’ll get to see this ebony beauty getting it on with the two hunks.

As the cameras start to roll, you can see as the sexy Lacey is getting to work on the two dude’s cocks as she needs them rock hard for her ass and pussy. And when she deems them ready, watch her presenting them with her holes as she’s expecting a nice and good fucking. And you’ll be able to see her take some big cocks in her ass and pussy as the same time as she moans in pleasure of the hard style dicking she gets today. Also do check out her past updates everyone. We guarantee that you’ll like her content! If you liked this video check out website and have fun watching some similar videos featuring one cock hungry slut who loves to suck and fuck big black dicks!

Lacey Duvalle – Evil Angels video

Hey there once more guys and gals. Today we have some hot and sexy Lacey Duvalle videos to show off to you and we bet that you’ll absolutely love them. You will get to see this busty ebony beauty as she goes for a nice blow job session once more. You will get to watch this ebony cutie as she gets down on her knees to suck some more cock for your viewing pleasure. And with this superb video you get to see every second of the superb show she put on for everyone.

As the scene starts, you can watch the professional porn star Lacey as she undresses the guy and take his cock out. And then you can watch her sucking and deep threading it with a passion as the guy moans in pleasure of the superb treatment. And as a nice finish to the whole thing you can watch the guy blow his load all over her cute face and in her mouth. As always we hope that you enjoy the superb video and we’ll be returning with more Lacy next week. Enjoy and don’t forget that you can visit blog if you are looking for similar videos! Have fun!

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Hardcore office fuck

Well for this nice and fresh update, miss Duvalle brings you some more of her sexual adventures. And this fine scene has her taking the role of a female boss. She plays the leader of a nice firm in these Lacey Duvalle videos and this beautiful Latina will be getting her sweet pussy pumped by her underling today as she needs to unwind a bit after a long and stressful day at work. And she hand picked this guy to be her male secretary as only he can satisfy this horny woman’s pussy any time that she needs to fuck.

As the scene starts, Lacey can be seen sitting in her directorial chair. And as she finishes work, she picks up the phone calling for the dude. Sure enough it doesn’t take long for him to make an appearance and he immediately does so as he’s not one to keep an eager woman waiting. As soon as he enters through the door, miss Duvalle takes off her panties and orders him to come to her and get to licking her sweet and eager pussy. Watch her getting a nice and hard style fucking on her desk after the dude finishes pleasing her orally!


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Lacey Duvalle pov blowjob BangBors Network scene

For this hot update, your resident sexy and hot ebony porn star Lacey Duvalle has a nice treat for you. She wanted to make this special as she wanted to do something special for you guys, her fans. And so for this scene you get to see a nice and hot Lacey pov session as she has her fun with a white guy’s cock. She wanted you guys to feel like you were part of the action and that you are the one getting the special treatment today. And to some extent you actually are. But we digress, so let’s just get her show started and see what she does to entice you this time. And rest assured that you’ll be impressed with her performance for today.


As the scene starts off, you can see the whole thing in the first person view. And as you will observe, miss Lacey was already waiting for you to show up. She tells you that she has some sexy fun in store for you and she begins to work the pants off as she wants that cock desperately. As you lay on your back, she beings to lick and suck on that cock like a true professional and you get to gaze in her eyes as her greedy little mouth works it’s magic. So watch as this ebony beauty sucks and slurps on that big cock this fine afternoon and enjoy the show she provides everyone. And see you next time when she’ll have some more fresh content for you! Until next time check out website and enjoy watching another beauty sucking and fucking big dicks!

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Busty Lacey loves big cocks

This fresh week, miss Duvalle is back in force as she has some more fresh content to show off to you. And once more she got herself a black guy with a nice and big cock that was to cater to her tight and wet pussy for this night. Just like naughty Ava Devine she loves fucking big cocks and she wants to show off just how much she loves big and hard cocks in this Lacey Duvalle pics update and as always you guys get to have front row seats to her show. This guy she met at a cafe in the afternoon, and after they talked she became quite intrigued, and even more so when the guy told her he was packing a huge meat pole. Well, hearing that she just had to see if it was true for herself.

And so, the horny couple headed back to the dude’s place to have some private fun. And sure enough the guy wasn’t lying as even Lacey was quite impressed with the size of the dude’s big cock. You just have to see this ebony cutie as she works it with her juicy lips at first to get him hard and ready for her pussy. And when she’s all done, you can watch her mounting it as she takes her spot on top of that big and hard cock. Watch her sliding up and down that huge meat pole with her pussy as she moans in pleasure of the nice fucking that she gets. Enjoy it guys, and do check out Lacey’s past updates, as you won’t be disappointed with her content!


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Lacey Duvalle anal sex from BangBros Network

Another fresh week and time for you guys to lay your eyes on one more superb update. For this gallery today, miss Lacey Duvalle will prove that she just adores anal as well as regular sex as a guy is about to go balls deep in her tight ass. So for this superb scene you get to see a nice Duvalle anal session with your favorite chocolate porn star. This hot Latina also went for a more glamorous look today as she had her hair done in curls for this sex session and she wore one sexy and enticing night dress that was sure to make any guy turn his head.

lacey-duvalle-taking-it-up-her-ass When the cameras start to roll, she and the dude begin their fuck fest with a nice and long kissing session as they want to set the mood a bit better. Then you get to see the hot and sexy miss Lacey as she takes off her dress, bra and panties as she’s now ready to take that cock. And so she bends over as the dude makes his way behind her with his cock ready. So just sit back and watch this cutie as she takes a balls deep anal fucking this fine afternoon for your pleasure everyone. See you guys next week!

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Hardcore bedroom fuck

In this update today, your favorite ebony cutie brings you some more fresh and hot Lacey Duvalle videos as she gets herself fucked hard style in the bedroom. She was getting rather bored tonight and since she didn’t feel in the mood to go out, but she still wanted some cock, she decided to call on a fuck buddy and employ his services for the evening as she called him over to get a nice and rough fuck session started. And of course he answered favorably and just bolted to this woman’s place. You’d have to be crazy to say no to her, because just like hot Jayden Jaymes this hot chick is very skilled in sucking and fucking cocks!

We mean, what guy in his right mind would refuse the sexual advances that this superb porn star would make towards him. Either way he made his way quickly to her place and it was time to get things started as he was eager to fuck her lovely pussy as well. As she greeted him with a nice and big smile, she gets him inside and gets straight to work on his big cock. And after she gets him all nice and hard, she presents him with her eager ass and pussy that are just waiting for a hard pounding. Watch her getting fucked doggie style for your viewing pleasure everyone!


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Lacey Duvalle fucking a black cock at Porn Pros Network

This fine and fresh week, we bring you the one and the only ebony beauty Lacey as she gets down and dirty with a big black cock. In this scene you get to see miss Lacey Duvalle fucking a guy with a sizable cock and enjoying every minute of the hard style pounding that her pussy takes for your viewing pleasure. She managed to get her hands on this stud at a bar, and she was going to make his cock hers for the night one way or the other. So as she wanted him, naturally she had to seduce him first and take him back to her place. But when you look as sexy as she does, you really don’t have too much trouble getting guys to what you want.

lacey-duvalle-getting-creamedAs they came through the door, Lacey makes sure to lock the door behind them as she doesn’t want anyone to disturb her little cock pleasing session for the evening. And as any nice and hot sex scenes should starts she gets on her knees to get to suck on the dude’s big and rock hard cock to get his dick lubed for her eager pussy this fine evening. Then watch her presenting the dude with her eager ass as she’s also looking to get a nice and deep anal fucking as well. Rest assured that the dude got to fuck her cunt with his mighty cock as well. And for a nice and sexy finish you get to see him blow his jizz all over this sexy woman’s cute ass today! Also you might watch a nuru massage video if you wanna see other sexy ladies getting their asses covered in warm and sticky jizz!

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Lacey plays with her big tits

Hey there once more everyone. It’s a new week and time for us to deliver some more hot Lacey Duvalle porn to you. Once more this ebony hottie appears solo in front of the cameras to entice you with her luscious curves. She decided to do another sexy solo shoot as she wants you to get to know her sexy body a little bit better, and as you will see she really went out of her way to pose for you. We can safely say that this particular photo shoot of her will surely impress you as she gets to show off her goods once more. So without further due, let’s all just sit back and enjoy her show in this amazing update everyone.

The scene starts with her appearing in front of the cameras wearing a very slutty and sexy little outfit. And as you can guess, she then proceeds to strip out of it as she gives you permission to watch her superb naked body. And as she wants you to know her body better, close ups are the name of the game today. You will get to see her showing off her sexy big and round tits to you while she oils them up and plays with them, as well as her juicy pussy that’s just begging to be pleased for today. Well there’s no man around but she still wants you to get some nice view of her lady parts. We hope you liked it and we’ll see you guys next time with some more of her! For more action, watch some pornfidelity videos and see some gorgeous babes getting their tight cunts fucked! Enjoy and see you soon!


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Lacey Duvalle – Hot juicy ass

Hey there guys, miss Duvalle has come back with a nice and hot content update. Today she has for you a nice and hot collection of Lacey Duvalle videos for you to see and enjoy her showing off her luscious curves to you. For this nice occasion she was wearing a nice and slutty little blue swimsuit. And let’s just say that it made her look even sexier than usual today. And she will be posing around and showing off her superb curves as she’ll entertain you with her sexy body. So let’s not wait around and get things started.


As soon as the cameras start rolling, she makes her entry all sexy and ready to have some fun. And she begins her little cock teasing session as she starts to pose in some very sexy and slutty poses for you. Watch her as she makes her way to the couch, and see her presenting you with her superb and round ass as she bends over to give you one great look at it. Sit back and enjoy the show everyone, as this busty little ebony cutie knows how to show off and put her sexy body on display for you. We’ll see you again next week! Until then, you can click here and watch another gorgeous babe shaking her perfect round butt in front of the camera!

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